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Where To Pivot: Part 2

After yesterday’s article, now you have a list of daily activities. Each is marked with the (+), (-) or (=)

Now it’s time to rearrange them to improve your experience of life.

Eliminate The Negatives

Your first task is to take everything marked with a (-) and put it on a separate list. Now put that list on a wall where you’ll see it every day. These are the things you avoid at all costs.

They are what drain your time, energy, and money. They keep you from the tasks that are important. You may not be able to stop them completely, or immediately.

As much as possible, they should be eradicated from your life.

Systemize The Necessities

Anything that’s neutral is typically a necessity. This could include cleaning, doing laundry or grocery shopping. These are the necessary tasks of life that can’t be done away with. They are required to keep functioning.

There are two options for these: Systemize or Delegate

Systemizing them is cheaper to start with. Cleaning is helpful to systemize. Just create a list of all your cleaning tasks that you do once a week. Print out the list and put it with the cleaning supplies. Schedule a time once per week to take out the list, and go through the tasks one by one.

Delegation typically costs money, but saves even more time. For example, these days it’s easy to have groceries delivered to your door. It may cost a bit extra, but if you spend that time working on a more important project, it’ll be worthwhile.

Double Down On Growth

This time, make a separate list of everything you marked with a (+). These are activities that add value to your own life, and possibly others’ lives too. They are what’s working, and you want to bring your full presence to them.

Take this list, and think of how you can double down on them and make them even more positive. For example, if spending time with your kids is on the list, maybe this weekend you take them for a hike instead of watching TV. For any creative activity like writing or drawing, figure out how to schedule daily time working on your craft.

This is where you put the time you saved in the first two steps. You don’t want to save time just to waste it on something different. Put it to good use.

Start Something New

Yesterday, you made a list of new things to try. New skills to learn, businesses or projects to start. This is where you put them to the test.

Pick one or two projects from your list, and schedule time for them. If you want to learn guitar, sign up for lessons. If you want to start writing a book, hire a coach. By putting your money where your mouth is, you have no choice but to follow through.

As you work on the new project, pay attention to how things are working out. If you decide not to do it after all, pick something else from your list to try. The goal is to find activities that bring value and enjoyment to your life.

Once you find something that works really well, double down on it like you did in the last step. This is how you fill your life with things that work, and which you enjoy.

Joel Smith

Author and writing coach at The Fit Writer.

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