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Starting At The Bottom: Five Ways To Get Back Up

Sometimes, everything seems to go wrong.  Every day you learn to expect more bad news.

So you struggle and fight to make things better.  And the harder you try, the worse things seem to get.  It’s like you’re caught in quicksand, and the struggle is only making you sink deeper.

What do you do in that bleak situation?  Here are five ways to get your head above water.

Relax and Surrender

You’ll only feel worse about your life when you’re struggling and getting nowhere.  By fighting ineffectively, you exhaust yourself for no reason.  This leads to feeling physically and mentally miserable, which compounds the pain of the blows dealt by life.

Often the best solution is to ‘Relax and Surrender’.  Take a break from all the things that are stressing you out.  Approach life with an attitude of acceptance instead of trying to fight it.  Life will flow much more smoothly if you’re floating with the current instead of trying to swim against it.

Prioritize Sleep

Sleep is the number one key to getting out of a rut.  Lack of sleep is likely causing some of your struggles in the first place.  Sleep deprivation dulls your mind, leading to bad decisions, which create worse results.  By getting enough sleep, you’ll make better decisions and climb faster out of the hole you’re in.

“A good night’s sleep is the bridge between hope and despair”.  This is the one thing you can control that will have the most powerful impact on your mood and health.  Do whatever it takes to get the sleep you need.

Say ‘Bring It On!’ and ‘I Get To…’

You get to decide how problems affect you.  When you cower in the corner and wish they weren’t happening, then your problems own you.  Instead, force yourself to take a better attitude toward your challenges.

Have the mindset of a warrior.  Whenever something bad happens, say ‘Bring It On!’.  Know that you can handle what life throws at you and then some.  The more challenges you face, the stronger you become.

When you face a challenge, use different words to describe it.  When talking about your obligations, instead of saying ‘I should…’ or ‘I have to..’, say ‘I get to…’.  This leads to a more positive outlook on your work, and helps you get it accomplished!

Clean Your Room

I had a week off from work last month.  I had big plans for writing a lot, but it ended up being wasted.  Towards the end of the week, I took the time to clean off my desk and tidy up my apartment.

Suddenly, things I had put off seemed much less daunting.  At my freshly cleaned desk, I churned through tasks I had put off for the whole week.  As it turns out, improving your environment will change how you feel about life.  Cleaning your apartment could lead to a better mood and increased productivity at home.

Focus on The Good

There are always good and bad things happening in life.  Even when the bad seems to outweigh the good, you can choose to be grateful for the good.

Make a point of noticing anything good that happens.  You get what you focus on.  When something bad happens, don’t dwell on it, but let it pass right by you.  Hang on to the good. 

Every night, write down three good things that happened that day.  That will train your mind to notice more good things throughout your day.


Life can be a struggle.  Sometimes, just keeping your head above water can be a monumental challenge.

That’s how I’ve been feeling lately.  Above, I shared the five things I’m doing to keep going through these difficult times.

While getting through the rest of 2020, try one of these for yourself and see how it goes.  As long as the world doesn’t end this year, better times are on the way!

Joel Smith

Author and writing coach at The Fit Writer.

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