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How To Get Your Day On Track

Ever have a weekend day where you just can’t get it together? Your motivation is at zero no matter what you do.

That has been today for me. This week I’ve been extremely productive, but today has been a slog.

It’s not for lack of trying. I woke up at 6am. Meditated. Tried to work out. Joined a Zoom event. But my attitude has been one of hopelessness and low energy.

Here are three ways I’m turning this day around instead of giving up:

1. Begin With Self-Compassion

It’s been proven in psychology that beating yourself up does not accomplish anything. Being too hard on yourself will make you less motivated, not more.

That’s why the first step is to sit down and breathe. Accept that you may not be super productive today. Choose some easier tasks to get done.

2. Choose One Easy Task

Going from doing nothing to doing something can be surprisingly difficult. You never realize how hard it can be to get off the couch until you experience it for yourself.

Trying to force yourself to do a list of 10 challenging tasks is not going to help. Thinking about all the useful things you could be doing with this time is also counterproductive.

Instead, pick something easy. An errand or simple chore, just for something to do. Today I did the laundry. That forced me to get up and do something. I went from switching the laundry to writing this article.

3. Capitalize On That Momentum

You may need to keep doing easy tasks until you’re motivated enough to tackle something challenging.

Eventually, I went from the easy tasks to working on my most important task – writing this article. In my mind, I kept putting it off. ‘I can do that later’.

However, the longer you put something off, the more difficult it seems. If I put off this article all day, it would be even harder to get started.

That’s because your mind is trained to fear anything you run away from. If you avoid doing your most important task, this tells your mind that it’s too difficult for you. Then your brain will try to prevent you from even getting started.

Joel Smith

Author and writing coach at The Fit Writer.

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