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How to Build Momentum: Make Progress Easier

Making day-to-day progress in life is all about momentum.  Building up steam through disciplined effort makes taking action much easier.

You can have positive momentum or negative inertia.  When you’re standing still, not really doing anything, inertia exerts its force to keep you from moving forward.  Even simple tasks seem daunting when you’re sitting on the couch.

I experienced this firsthand during the week of Thanksgiving, 2020.

After a few days off for the holidays, work seemed daunting to me.  Getting started on a Monday after a lot of time off, I wanted nothing more than…more time off.  Going back to work seemed like a prison sentence after a much-needed escape.

By the time I was in my car driving to work, I had shifted my mindset.  The realization struck me that working is better than doing nothing.  I decided to be grateful I have a job and work to do.  Even working full-time, I make more progress in my writing on workdays than on days off.  

That’s because my ‘difficult’ writing tasks are much easier with all the momentum I’ve built up from working. Building up momentum makes the difficult work towards your goals possible.  Make no mistake, achieving big goals is extremely difficult.  From the very start, it looks almost impossible.  However, once you maintain momentum for a while the milestones start flying past.

This idea of momentum is why I came up with my last challenge of 2020.  This month, I will post an article every day on my blog.  By keeping that momentum going, I’ll be able to write better and more quickly than ever before.  It will force me to stay focused and disciplined in order to succeed at this monumental task.

Joel Smith

Author and writing coach at The Fit Writer.

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