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About Joel Smith, Author of The Fit Writer

Fitness and consistent improvement in every area of life!

Our mission is to give readers tools and information to improve their fitness in every area of life.

We believe that fitness is more than physical. Merriam Webster describes being fit as being ‘Sound physically and mentally’.

Specifically, we believe in fitness across all areas of life. We help our readers become more:

  • Physically Fit

  • Mentally Fit

  • Emotionally Fit

When our readers have all of these areas aligned, they’re free to give their greatest gifts to the world and make the greatest positive impact they possibly can.

The Fit Writer

About Joel Smith

I am a creativity coach who helps my clients improve their lives through writing.

Writing is the ultimate tool for self-development and making an impact in the world.  It is infinitely reproducible at no cost, and we all do it every day.

I help my clients:

  • Write More
  • Write Better
  • Execute On Ideas

Writing every day will change your life.  I offer 15 minute daily coaching sessions to help you stay consistent in your writing habit and develop your ideas into reality.

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